Time is (Not) on My Side…

We’re all familiar with that Rolling Stones song, “Time is on My Side, Yes it is,” right?  It surely doesn’t feel that way to me!  I have been trying since the beginning of December to list some of my greeting card packages on Etsy.  The way things are going, I won’t be getting around to doing that until July.  I have also decided to listen to the suggestion of a few people and apply to be on Shark Tank.  (I have never watched the show.)
Next month this time, both of my babies will have graduated:  one from high school and one from college. It’s been crazy around here!  Applying for jobs, accepting jobs, finding an apartment, applying for scholarships, trying to figure out why teachers are still piling on the homework, making graduation announcements, planning parties, planning celebrations…not to mention our 27th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and it is also my parent’s 55th anniversary.

Let me say it’s all good!  I am so thrilled to have my plate full of these wonderful things.  (Remember THIS?)  It’s all a blessing and I know that.

Just promise me you won’t buy a yucky, over-priced greeting card from a big box store in the meantime, will ya?  Please?

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