Craft Room Reveal!!!

ikea craft room

Ikea Craft Room Reveal!!

You guys!  Finally!  I have a dedicated creative space that doesn’t interfere with our living space and doesn’t require me to apologize to anyone who visits.  We’ve lived in our house for 22 years, and I’ve spent the past 14 of those years making cards.  Before that, I spent my free time designing and making outfits for American Girl dolls.  I took over the dining room, the family room, and pretty much EVERY room with my projects.

The Dilemma

We toyed with moving to a larger home more times than I care to count.  However, we could never justify the higher taxes.  Plus, we have the best neighbors ever – they are like family – so the thought of leaving them added to our decision to stay put.

Somehow, we raised a family amid the crafting chaos.  Now we are empty-nesters, so our home goals have changed.  We are now thinking “multi-generational.”  When the girls bring home their husbands and kids, where will they all fit?  Yes, a bigger house would be perfect, but honestly, for what we would pay in increased property taxes we could stay at The Breakers for a week when they visit.  So we aren’t going anywhere.

The Solution

I’m happy to share my craft room reveal today that checks off all the required boxes! The stuff is moved out of the living area, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything, I have extra space now for my sewing machine, and we have a bigger bed to accommodate our future growing family.  It has been a big WIN!!!  Take a look!  It’s the CRAFT ROOM REVEAL!!!!

ikea craft room

ikea craft room

queen-size murphy bed with storage drawers and shelves for our American Girl doll collection

ikea craft room

table under the window for project photos and videos – lots of natural light!

ikea craft room

space for the printer, sewing machine, AND a dedicated space for die-cutting

ikea craft room

this is the creative area – where all the action takes place!

The only things we needed to purchase were the desks and two drawer units.  I spray-painted all of the other storage bins and baskets white so the wall would look less cluttered.

As you can see, the answer for me was to use wall space to create my craft room.  It’s vital to me that my supplies are within arms-reach, and I was able to accomplish that goal.

I would have loved to have used floating shelves, but they aren’t practical for me.  Crafting supplies come and go, so I needed to have shelves that are adjustable.  Done!

If you are interested, here are the links to the items from Ikea…cheaper now than when we bought them, naturally.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave your comments.

4 thoughts on “Craft Room Reveal!!!

  1. Dean

    OH.MY.WORD!! Your craft room is my dream!! I’m currently working out of a cramped desk area in the dining room (downstairs) and a messy craft closet (upstairs). I would so love a room to work out of again with beautiful storage.

  2. Alfreda

    Absolutely fabulously put together! Love all of the STORAGE. I’m inspired. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Colleen Smith

    Love your new look! I would like to know where the Murphy bed is from? I need to put that in my craft room that is also used when have guest and our grands.


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