Menopause Relief the Natural Way with Equelle

Charlene Harreveld   10/07/2019   Comments Off on Menopause Relief the Natural Way with Equelle

holiday party outfits

Relief from Menopause with Equelle #ad I’ve always loved fashion and making bold statements with my outfits through color and shape.  When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I wore whatever I liked. Everything always fit perfectly and I didn’t consciously make selections to hide flaws or worry about getting too hot.  I never anticipated that one day… Read more »

Random Cool Products I Found at Great Prices

Charlene Harreveld   08/22/2019   Comments Off on Random Cool Products I Found at Great Prices

Random Cool Products I Found at Great Prices! Hi Guys! I’m sitting here multi-tasking while I watch a home renovation show on tv.  I decided to do something fun, go outside the box, and post some interesting shoes, clothes, and accessories that I found at really great prices. Fall is right around the corner. Maybe you have a fall wedding… Read more »

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

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revlon one-step hair dryer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer: Friends!  I have TWO WORDS to say about the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer:  IT WORKS.  I knew immediately when I dried the first section of my hair that this product was life-changing. If you’ve been following my hair journey on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve finally grown out my hair and as it stands right now,… Read more »

Explosion Cake

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explosion cake

Explosion Cake – I first discovered Amirah Kassem and her incredible rainbow explosion cake on Instagram.  Her cakes are amazing and I’m a HUGE fan of her personal style!  Amirah now has a line of cooking supplies and a kit to make her explosion cake at William Sonoma.  Naturally, her products came out after purchased the ingredients to attempt to make… Read more »

Summer Shoe Wardrobe

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summer shoe sale

Summer Shoe Wardrobe – Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Get a jump on your summer wardrobe with these fun summer picks!  All are on sale right now under $50!  This is just a sampling.  Visit the Nordstrom sale for more shoes and other summer sale items. Check out my summer road trip wardrobe picks, too!