Charlene Harreveld uses her expertise as a model to show women of all ages how they can look and feel their best as she introduces them to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands she uses and trusts.  She takes the guesswork out of how women can easily create a personal style in all areas of their lives.

Charlene’s followers know and love her honesty, humor, and authenticity. In a world that is flooded with influencers, Charlene makes sure to use her platform to genuinely showcase the unique features and benefits of products and brands.

After growing up in southern New Jersey, Charlene moved to Florida.  It is there that she met her very nice neighbor who almost 32 years ago became her husband.  Charlene worked as a runway model and retired to raise their two daughters.  Now that both of their girls are grown, Charlene returned to the modeling world and runs the Instagram account “Fashion Meets Fifty.”

In addition to fashion, Charlene also loves papercrafting.  She runs the website “eWillow.com,” where she sells her handmade greeting cards.  She believes that the art of sending cards should not become a thing of the past.

Charlene oversees Cosmetics for a Cause, a non-profit organization founded by her daughter. The organization collects and donates makeup to women in need. To date, Cosmetics for a Cause has donated more than $4M in products to non-profits throughout south Florida and the United States that help women.