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Random Things I’ve Ordered During Quarantine and Why

random things i've ordered during quarantine covid19 and why

Random Things I’ve Ordered During Quarantine and Why You guys!  It’s been around a month now that we’ve been hunkered down at Casa Harreveld and I know it’s the same for all of you, too.  Do you only venture out for food and the occasional breath of fresh air, too? If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you know… Read more »

DIY Glass Jar Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial Video

glass jar how to

DIY Glass Jar Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial Video Hi Friends!  I’m taking a little break from all things fashion to get back to one of my other true loves:  making stuff! Here is a short video tutorial on how you can easily make these beautiful glass jar Christmas centerpieces.  The video shows all of the supplies you need and how quick… Read more »

My Other Jobs

My Other Jobs In addition to loving fashion, I have a few other things that I love to do.  Check them out! I teach people how to make fun greeting cards and paper crafts. I sell subscription boxes of greeting cards so you can always have a card on-hand when you need one. No more running to the store at… Read more »

Menopause Relief the Natural Way with Equelle

holiday party outfits

Relief from Menopause with Equelle #ad I’ve always loved fashion and making bold statements with my outfits through color and shape.  When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I wore whatever I liked. Everything always fit perfectly and I didn’t consciously make selections to hide flaws or worry about getting too hot.  I never anticipated that one day… Read more »