Random Things I’ve Ordered During Quarantine and Why

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Random Things I’ve Ordered During Quarantine and Why

You guys!  It’s been around a month now that we’ve been hunkered down at Casa Harreveld and I know it’s the same for all of you, too.  Do you only venture out for food and the occasional breath of fresh air, too?

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you know that I have forgotten all things fashion and have completely (and temporarily) started cooking and baking.  Mainly baking, because who am I kidding? Sugar is way better than protein, right?

Since I haven’t left the nest to make little purchases, I’ve been using Amazon and  a few other stores to fill our needs (and wants.)  I’ve compiled a list of the random things I’ve ordered along with a little description about why I needed (or wanted) each item.  Take a look and let me know in the comments the random things you’ve ordered, too!

Some notes about the items in the slideshow:

  • I finally ordered bar stools and dining room chairs.  I’ve never made a large purchase like this online before without seeing the items in-person first, but here we are.
  • Isn’t the kitchen sink organizer adorable??  Can’t wait to use it to hold all of the random items that seem to gather around the kitchen sink.
  • Williams Sonoma towels are the best.  They last for years.

I’m debating about the lemon napkin ring holders.  My idea is to have the kitchen bar always set with cute place settings, but I’m not sure yet.  I definitely want a lemon theme in the kitchen, so I’ll probably end up getting them.  Thoughts?

Some Notes About the Amazon List:

I ordered cheesecloth because I wanted to sprout our wheat berries.  However, after reading the directions online on “how to sprout wheat berries,” it’s too darn complicated.  You have to rinse and drain and rinse and drain, and then do it again and again and it’s just easier to buy sprouts, which, by the way, we never eat.

This isn’t hair dye.  I would never disrespect my hair stylist Kim by coloring my own hair.  It would be like cheating.  (Unless, of course, she gives me permission.) This product is great for the grays that show through on your hair part and around your face. I might just embrace my gray hair, though, and use this as an opportunity to transition to a fully gray haired woman.  (Gray haired models work ALL THE TIME.  When there IS work, that is.)

If you sleep with someone who snores, you’ll understand.  Buy the eight-pack, because guaranteed that when you REALLY need them you won’t be able to find them. Or you’ll lose one.

I needed a new battery for my BlendSmart Beauty Brush.  It’s fabulous and allows your foundation to go on so evenly!!  It requires a 3v 123A battery so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a cord and charger.  It’s perfect for travel…one day.

The Litter Genie is a Diaper Genie for cats and it’s great for multi-cat households.  You just scoop up the doo and do something with it.  I’m not sure, because this is Erica’s job and Neil told her to order more refills.

Cosmetics for a Cause donated 100 bags of makeup to local healthcare workers on the frontline.  These organza bags are easy to fill with makeup and they are the perfect price point for the organization’s budget.  They are great to have on-hand for gift bags.  You can wrap the item in tissue paper, stick it in the bag, and add a tag or insert a greeting card.

My mom’s lifeline has been her tablet.  Naturally, it got some kind of weird bug.  Neil added a memory card to try to solve the problem.  It didn’t work, but I’m sure we’ll use this one day for something else.

I needed more envelopes to mail card orders for eWillow.com Geeting Cards.  It’s always a happy day when I have to order more shipping bags. 🙂

We needed a mop for our vinyl floors, so we ordered this steam mop and extra cleaning pads.  Buy the extra washable pads – I never knew how filthy a floor gets in one day.

I put a night light in our laundry room so the cats can see their food bowls in the dark, because how do we really know that cats can see in the dark?

Who else told themselves that they would use this time to totally organize their closets?  This lasted about two days.  Now I have two boxes half-full of hangers.  But they are great quality and nice to look at, so there’s that. And one day, hopefully soon, I’ll get back to fashioning and I’ll be happy I have them.


What random items have your ordered?  Tell me in the comments!!  I want to know!


random things i've ordered during quarantine


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