Draper’s and Damon’s Collab and a Gucci Story

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Draper’s and Damon’s Collab and a Gucci Story

I’ve been buy over on Instagram and TikTok producing UGC (user-generated content.)  I’ve been having a blast!  I recently did a collaboration with Draper’s and Damon’s.  Here are some pics:

drapers and damons collaboration spring 2022, fashion meets fifty, charlene harreveld ugc

The gathering place at my daughter’s apartment building was the perfect setting for these pics.  The collaboration was to introduce their spring 2022 line and celebrate their 95th anniversary.  Imagine being in business for 95 years!

I’ve also been busy on TikTok trying to manage a sequence of viral videos.  It all started last summer when I attempted to enter the new Gucci store in our mall and the lady at the door looked me up and down and told me I couldn’t enter.  Who knew that one spontaneous little fifteen second video would lead to several other videos that combined have garnered almost TEN MILLION views?  If you’re on TikTok, the story begins with this video.  And to think I almost deleted it after I posted it.  I’m so glad I didn’t delete it, because the storyline lead to some interesting discussions about how different people are treated when shopping (or attempting to shop) in luxury stores.

Have you had a similar experience to my Gucci experience?  I’d love to know!  (And if you’re not on TikTok, you’re missing out!  It’s fabulous!)