Why I Love TikTok and You Will, Too

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Why I Love TikTok and You Will, Too

Okay, guys.  I avoided it for a really long time.  But then I caved.  I joined TikTok.  I’ve enjoyed listening to so many stories shared by people from all walks of life. There are so many fascinating people in the world.  I’ve made some new friends and my eyes have been opened to so many different lifestyles:  farmers who share their daily chores, former inmates who describe prison life, people who live in their cars and vans and buses … it goes on and on and on.

When I first joined TikTok, I thought it might be a great way to help brand my greeting card company.  Then I thought it would be a fun addition to my fashion Instagram page.  However, I’ve learned that the post that receive the most views and the most interaction are my story posts.  The post I made about Neil’s cancer diagnosis is the most viewed post I’ve ever received on any social media channel ever, and it only took a few days to reach a lot of people.

I have so many stories that I want to share, but it sounds a lot easier than it looks.  I’m not too sure what to talk about next.  But I do know that I have a lot to say.

Join me!  You can follow me on TikTok HERE.

why i love tiktok and you will too

photo by eric campbell