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MAC Lipstick Lids Beauty Hack

MAC lipstick lids

MAC Lipstick Lids Beauty Hack – Friends!  I’ve found the perfect MAC lipstick beauty hack for you!  If you’re an eyeglass-wearer like me, chances are it’s the luck of the draw when you put on your makeup.  I can NEVER see the color of the lipstick I’m grabbing if a swatch of the lipstick color isn’t boldly shown on the… Read more »

How to Set Up An Instagram Account and Why It’s Better Than Facebook

how to use instagram

Part I:  How to Set Up an Instagram Account and Why It’s Better Than Facebook (Especially If You’re a Visual Learner) – Please, please, please start an Instagram account!  Don’t be afraid!  I’m going to tell you how to set up an Instagram account and why it’s better than Facebook, especially if you’re a visual learner!  In future posts, I’ll… Read more »

Closet Speed Dating

closet speed dating

Closet Speed Dating You guys, I’ve had this pleather pleated skirt from Banana Republic for a few years now.  I never wear it because I just can’t find anything that looks good with it.  It looks funny when I tuck in a blouse and I never found a sweater or jacket that looked right. The other night I decided to… Read more »

Bevel Specs Instagram Ad

10/10 Optics Instagram Ad