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Fourth of July Outfit Ideas from Banana Republic

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas Who said you can’t have fun AND look nice on the Fourth of July??  Thanks to Banana Republic, I put together a few different Fourth of July outfit ideas to make this holiday a bang for you!  Ha-ha!!  I love the Fourth of July because it’s one big happy party.  There is no pressure to… Read more »

Ted Baker Travel Bag

ted baker travel bag

Ted Baker Travel Bag Friends!  Remember when I wrote about my low blood pressure in my Disney World post?  In addition to not being able to stand in lines, another recent development that has sidelined me is shopping at the mall.  It’s completely incapacitating for me to carry shopping bags and walk the mall at the same time.  Just thinking… Read more »

Ted Baker Summer Sale

ted baker summer sale

Ted Baker Summer Sale I love bright colors, don’t you?  I’ve always loved wearing solid colored clothing that makes a statement. However, I’ve recently found myself reaching for prints while I’m out shopping.  I’ve even mentioned to my girls how shocked I am at my desire to start wearing prints.  The Ted Baker summer sale has made my transition to… Read more »

Victoria Beckham Black Collar Dress

victoria beckham black collar dress

Victoria Beckham Black Collar Dress I found another hit from Victoria Beckham!  I’ll be wearing this dress everywhere I go for the rest of my life.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.  Hurry and buy it at Target before it sells out. (Shhh…it’s on clearance at a really, really, really great price!) Order Victoria’s dress for Target… Read more »

Victoria Beckham for Target

Victoria Beckham for Target Victoria Beckham for Target!  Just when you thought Target couldn’t get any better, BAM!  they blow us all out of the water by offering us so many fabulous designs from Victoria Beckham.  The colors and styles and sizes are perfect for everyone!  I was a little hesitant about the bunnies on the collar of this dress… Read more »