Fun Lace Flare Sleeve Top from Banana Republic

Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top 

Hi Friends!  This Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top is EVERYTHING and you need it for your summer wardrobe in every color!  Let me tell you why!


Banana Republic White Lace Flare Sleeve Top paired with Banana Republic Wrap-Effect Knit Pencil Skirt

It’s Cool

Yes, it’s cool, meaning it’s rad, it’s the bomb, etc.  But more importantly, it’s cool weather-wise.  The flare butterfly sleeves do the job of not only hiding the over-50 arm flab, but they are flared so they don’t hug your arms and make you hot.  Win!  Win!

It Adds a Classy Look to a Casual Outfit

Even though at first glance the lacy fabric makes you think this top is dressy, it really isn’t.  I mean I guess it could be, but it doesn’t have to be.  I’ve paired it with a denim skirt from Banana Republic and I love the classy casual look.

It’s Available in Different Colors

Banana Republic Flight Jacket Lace Flare Sleeve Top

This color would look fabulous with white shorts or white capris and a pair of white sandals.

Banana Republic Black Lace Flare Sleeve Top

You can’t go wrong with black, right?

Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top

Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top

Those are some big flares, huh?!  I love them!!!!  They make such a statement, so you don’t have to!!

Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top

Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top

Hey, look!  I smile every once in awhile, too!!  I’m smiling because I absolutely love this Banana Republic Lace Flare Sleeve Top.  I’m also smiling because I have a very special announcement coming up about me and Banana Republic that you aren’t going to want to miss!

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