BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush

BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush

Friends, grab this while you can! Use code “CHARLENE20” at checkout to save 20%!!  Watch the video to see the BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush in action.

It’s smooth motion applies your foundation, powder, and blush flawlessly.  It’s a game-changer!  You can buy yours HERE.

Thank you, BlendSmart, for providing Fashion Meets Fifty’s friends with a 20% discount code!



I usually use a powder foundation for day-to-day stuff.  However, when I have an event or modeling job, I use a heavier liquid foundation for more coverage.  The BlendSmart Rotating Makeup Brush blends my liquid foundation perfectly and evenly.


Other rotating makeup brushes on the market only have one brush head.  The BlendSmart brush has several different brushes for different applications like foundation, powder, and blush.


Most electronic beauty tools have long cords that you need to use to recharge. That is always such a pain when you travel.  Plus, I know I certainly don’t need any more charging cords to add to my clutter.  The BlendSmart brush is battery-operated and the battery is included.  It’s so easy to pop in the battery and start using your brush right away.

Treat yourself!  Mother’s Day is in less than a month!!  🙂


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