Explosion Cake

Explosion Cake –

I first discovered Amirah Kassem and her incredible rainbow explosion cake on Instagram.  Her cakes are amazing and I’m a HUGE fan of her personal style!  Amirah now has a line of cooking supplies and a kit to make her explosion cake at William Sonoma.  Naturally, her products came out after purchased the ingredients to attempt to make an explosion cake on my own.  I think my cake came out pretty good for a first try. However, now that I know I can purchase all of Amirah’s authentic ingredients, that’s what I’ll be doing the next time I make an explosion cake.  And believe me, there will be a next time.  This was so fun and so easy to make!


To make the cake on your own, you’ll need:

6 cakes (three boxes of cake mix, dye the mixes any color you’d like)

3 containers of frosting

1 bag of M&M candies and various sprinkles for the inside of the cake

Lots of sprinkles!  (you’ll be adding some sprinkles to the inside and you’ll need sprinkles to decorate the outside of the cake, too.)

Step-by-Step Photos

explosion cake

three of the six layers are ready to go!

explosion cake

use the lid of the sprinkles as a guide to cut a circle out of each cake layer BUT DO NOT CUT A CIRCLE IN THE TOP LAYER (so only cut circles out of five layers, and leave the sixth layer whole)

explosion cake

put a thin layer of frosting on each layer to hold the layers together

explosion cake

keep adding layers | layer, frosting, layer frosting

explosion cake

add all the layers

explosion cake

before you add the final layer (the one without the hole) fill the center of the cake with your candy and some sprinkles

explosion cake

put the top layer on (the one without the center cut out) and start icing the entire cake

explosion cake

don’t let the centers go to waste! use the leftover frosting and sprinkles to decorate those, too!

explosion cake

decorate for any occasion or holiday

explosion cake

how fun is this????!!!!!

Let me say I HATE the kitchen because whenever I attempt to cook or bake, something always goes wrong.  This cake was effortless!!! If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Now, let’s take a look at the best part!!  Cutting the cake!!!

Here is a look at Amirah’s cake.  (All photos are copyright Williams Sonoma)

explosion cake

Amirah Kassem’s Explosion Cake/Photo via Williams Sonoma

To make Amira’s fabulous cake, you can purchase all of the products from Williams Sonoma below:

If you would like to create your own version of the cake, purchase these items and use the food coloring to dye the cake slices whatever color you would like:

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