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First Apartment: Kitchen Before and After

For the Living Room Before and After, click HERE.   Adrienne loves to experiment with new recipes, so unlike me, her kitchen is very important to her.  It was so easy and fun to decorate, thanks to Target and a lovely place in Durham called the Scrap Exchange.  (You can read more about the Scrap Exchange HERE.)  Whenever we visit Adrienne, the Scrap Exchange is at… Read more »

First Apartment: Living Room Before and After

  ***Scroll WAY down for all the pics***   The plan was set.  Adrienne and I would drive to North Carolina the first week of June while Erica was at Girl’s Camp.  We would decorate her bare-bones apartment during that first week while she started her new job.  I would drop her off at work, run errands, and then after work we… Read more »