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Best Product EVER for a No-Chip Manicure, Hands-Down

diy no chip manicure

DIY No-Chip Manicure! You guys, I HATE getting manicures.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a crisp and clean fingernail as much as the next gal.  However, what I don’t love is the time it takes for the upkeep.  I just have too many other things to do than to sit in a nail salon and have someone poke and… Read more »

Howdy, Friends!

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If you have a pulse, you know that blogging has been phased out and replaced with Instagram.  I’ve been busy over there documenting the things in our lives that I think are kind of fun and important.  My IG account is private, so I’ll let you in on a few things that have been keeping me busy. 1)  Check out… Read more »

Victoria’s Secret Revealed

      Comments Off on Victoria’s Secret Revealed Friends, next time you drag yourself to the mall (and I suspect that you will be making several trips there in the coming weeks as there is no denying that the holiday season is upon us) I want you to pay close attention to one thing:  the men sitting on the benches outside Victoria’s Secret. Seriously, have you ever looked… Read more »

Your Questions Answered: Sacred Temple Clothing

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I am sharing this new video that was produced by my church so that those of you who have ever wondered and have asked me about my underwear can have a better understanding of the purpose and meaning behind it.  I was pretty shocked when I saw the video for the first time because the topic is something that is… Read more »