Your Questions Answered: Sacred Temple Clothing

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I am sharing this new video that was produced by my church so that those of you who have ever wondered and have asked me about my underwear can have a better understanding of the purpose and meaning behind it.  I was pretty shocked when I saw the video for the first time because the topic is something that is very sacred and something that we don’t talk about because of its sacredness.  I even made sure that the video was actually produced by the church and not a satirical anti-Mormon video.  It’s legit.  I am happy that I can refer to this video whenever someone asks me if I wear magical underwear.  Click this link to watch the video.  It will answer all your questions and more:

I am always excited when I find appropriate black-tie dresses that conform to my standards.  Like really, really, really excited.  I usually buy them, even if I don’t have a black-tie event to attend.  And guess what?  An event usually presents itself.  Remember this and this?