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How to Choose a Blogging Conference That is Right for You

How to Choose a Blogging Conference That is Right for You First, let me say that I’m not going to use any names.  I’m all about protecting the innocent. However, I recently registered to attend my first blogging conference.  And then I cancelled. The conference hasn’t even happened yet and I don’t regret my decision for one minute. I know… Read more »

Featured in People Magazine

people magazine

Featured in People Magazine I pour my heart and soul into and my greeting card business.  They are my babies.  I spend every waking minute promoting and blogging and creating. I also help Erica with Cosmetics for a Cause while she is away at college.  When I compare the two separate endeavors – the greeting card business and the charity –… Read more »

Miss America Dreams: What I Learned About Talents & Losing (Video)

Miss America dreams!  Have you had any?  I grew up thirty-five miles from Atlantic City, the home of the Miss America Pageant.  The pageant was part of my being.  It was a huge deal every single year.  There was always a ton of press coverage on the news and in the local newspapers.  I thought Miss America was a huge… Read more »

My First Crush: Robert Ashton

my first crush dr robert ashton jennifer

My First Crush:  Robert Ashton Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect day to write about my first crush, Robert Ashton, but not for the reasons you might be thinking. My first crush lasted TWO whole years, from second grade to third grade at D’Ippolito Elementary School in Vineland, NJ.  Robert Ashton was a rosy-cheeked, dark-haired cherub.  He was all I… Read more »

Mommy Bloggers

mommy bloggers

Mommy Bloggers I don’t know how “Mommy Bloggers” do it!  They post new stuff every single day with gorgeous photos of their perfect children and clean houses.  How?  I know they rake in enough dough to have professional help, so much dough that their husbands quit their day jobs, but geeze!  I just don’t get it.  Something must be suffering…. Read more »