Featured in People Magazine

Charlene Harreveld   04/26/2017   Comments Off on Featured in People Magazine

Featured in People Magazine

I pour my heart and soul into eWillow.com and my greeting card business.  They are my babies.  I spend every waking minute promoting and blogging and creating. I also help Erica with Cosmetics for a Cause while she is away at college.  When I compare the two separate endeavors – the greeting card business and the charity – I find it so interesting how things have turned out.  When it comes to Cosmetics for a Cause, we have done zero promotion.  When we formed the charity, we put up a free website just to have an online presence.  That little website has been updated to a more professional site.  That was all we did.  We never sent letters or solicited directly with cosmetics companies.  Somehow, the companies found us.  And find us they did.

To date, Cosmetics for a Cause has received and donated nearly $2M in products from international cosmetics companies and from individual donors, too.  It has been a fun ride, especially because we are pretty speechless when we receive emails from large companies like E.L.F. Cosmetics, Parents Magazine, Refinery 29, Urban Decay, and Formula X.  We have to pinch ourselves.  Our website, that we never promote and pay little attention to, has turned Cosmetics for a Cause into what it is today.

On Sunday, we were speechless when we started receiving emails from people saying they read about Cosmetics for a Cause in People Magazine.  What?  People Magazine? We had NO IDEA!  We have NO IDEA how it even happened.  But here it is! Cosmetics for a Cause featured in People Magazine:

featured in people magazine

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Page 147 on the May 1st “World’s Most Beautiful Women” issue mentions Cosmetics for a Cause as one of the “100 Ways to Look and Feel More Beautiful.”  Needless to say, we bought several copies!  It reminded me of my days as a model when I was featured in the paper or in a magazine.  I would drive from store to store and buy up all the copies.

Life is so weird, isn’t it?

Visit Cosmetics for a Cause for more info.

If you don’t have any unused makeup to donate, you can also help Cosmetics for a Cause by shopping its corporate sponsor, eWilow.com Greeting Cards.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each box goes to support Cosmetics for a Cause.  There is a great Mother’s Day Promotion going on right now, too, so check it out!