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Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

subscription greeting card box

Greeting Card Subscription Box Great Gift Idea Subscription boxes make great gifts!  A greeting card subscription box is even better!  It’s a gift that keeps on giving.  Not only can you order a one-time box of greeting cards from eWillow.com, but you can also order a quarterly subscription.  The quarterly subscription includes ten cards (two each of five different designs) and… Read more »

The Best Slow Cooker Chili Recipe Ever

best chili recipe ever I hate to cook and the reason is simple.  It’s the same reason that I don’t like to clean.  I dislike putting a ton of work and effort into something that doesn’t last.  At least with greeting cards, I put effort into something that has permanence; that’s my goal at least.   I’ve had people tell me… Read more »

Special Savings from eWillow.com Just in Time

Hi Friends! Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Day and Mother’s Day, I am running a special on eWillow.com.  You can read more about the special pricing HERE.  Give a gift that keeps on giving to the most important people in your life.  You won’t regret it!  They will love you forever!