Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings?

We took our big family vacation at the beginning of the summer. Somehow a gift of four tickets to see Mary Poppins on Broadway turned into a ten day trip to the Northeast. We decided to re-create one of our favorite Gilmore Girls episodes (well, actually every episode is our favorite) and take a college tour. We visited NYU, Columbia, Yale (twice!), Harvard, MIT, Brown, and RISD. My favorite was Columbia, with Yale winning my prize for “Best Dorm Room.” The girls both loved Yale. Neil’s only opinion was “What’s the tuition?” It happened to be graduation/alumni week at all the colleges, so we pretty much had open access on all the campuses. Adrienne tried out a classroom seat at Columbia and stood on the steps at the Harvard graduation set-up and pretended to move her tassel…

Locks and Locks of Love

Erica just had ten inches of hair cut off! She donated her chopped-off ponytail to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for girls who lose their hair to chemotherapy or for other reasons. Her donation became even more meaningful to her during our visit to American Girl Place in NYC this summer. While we were waiting outside for Neil, about twenty girls and their moms emerged from the store. The first thing we noticed was their smiles; the next thing we noticed was the girls were all cancer patients in various stages…some in wheelchairs, some limping, but all without hair. It made us appreciate the fact that we enjoyed our time at American Girl Place and it helped me justify buying the girls everything they (and I!) wanted…you never know what tomorrow may bring, so enjoy every moment. Erica’s ponytail is now on its way to the Locks of Love office in Lake Worth, Fl and she is anxiously awaiting to receive her “Thank You” certificate in the mail.