Summer Stamp Camp Week Two

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The pre-tweens were very excited to make 12 x 12 scrapbooks! They did a great job! Left to Right: Savannah, Samantha, Caroline, Charlene, Adrienne, Lauren, Shelby

The older girls made scrapbooks-in-a-tin and tag holders filled with tags. Left to Right: Lynzai, Erica, Charlene, Brenna, Alessandra
Today is a sad day..the last day of camp until next summer! We had tons of fun! It was a huge success! Thank you, campers!

Yes, There Really Is Such A Place

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While we were on our college tour vacation we added Mystic, CT to our itinerary. We walked around Mystic Seaport (not my kind of fun, but I enjoyed looking at the mansions across the sea).

We strolled through the cute little town and came upon Mystic Pizza (yes, the place from the movie).

We have never seen the movie, but of course we had to eat there! The pizza didn’t taste like ordinary pizza, (it wasn’t Italian-tasting) but however they made it, it was delicious.

I’ll Catch ‘Em But I’m Not Gonna Touch ‘Em

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Score! Yesterday I caught this rather large Amber Jack off my parents’ dock. I used a piece of ham for bait. I tried to hold it by its gills to pose for the picture but it slipped. My dad can keep the job of touching the slimy things and I’ll keep the job of catching them… a job I am very good at, if I do say so myself.

Summer Stamp Camp Week One

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Left to Right: Dana, Adrienne, Erica, Nicole, Julia, Alessandra

Here are some pictures from the first week of my second annual “Summer Stamp Camp” for kids. We made a scrapbook, a game, and cards.

Star Struck

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I spent my 42nd birthday in January having dinner with Rod Stewart at Mar-a-Lago! Neil and I were last-minute seat fillers. My Uncle Johnnie chaired the Palm Beach Policeman’s Ball. The event happened to fall on my birthday. Uncle Johnnie called that afternoon and told us to show up at Mar-a-Lago to have dinner with Rod (two people cancelled). We sat at the head table with Rod and his wife (girlfriend at the time) Penny and their two body guards. Vic Damone and his wife were also at our table, along with Uncle Johnnie and Jana. How can such an exciting thing happen to someone like me who never leaves my house except to go to Target? Like I’ve said before, you just never know what tomorrow may bring!