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Valentine’s Day Gift

valentines day gift

Valentine’s Day Gift What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to give and/or receive?  I’m a peanut M&M’s kind of girl.  I don’t need diamonds or flowers.  Yuk.  This year, Neil told me he is giving me a colonoscopy as my Valentine’s Day gift.  What???  He is scheduled for a follow-up colonoscopy on the 15th, and he told me it’s… Read more »

Craft Room Reveal!!!

ikea craft room

Ikea Craft Room Reveal!! You guys!  Finally!  I have a dedicated creative space that doesn’t interfere with our living space and doesn’t require me to apologize to anyone who visits.  We’ve lived in our house for 22 years, and I’ve spent the past 14 of those years making cards.  Before that, I spent my free time designing and making outfits… Read more »

Family Christmas Cards

family christmas card ideas

Family Christmas Card Ideas I guess it isn’t surprising that family Christmas cards are really important to me. Even though I struggle to come up with family Christmas card ideas, I love sending and receiving cards every year!  I’ve been sending cards every Christmas of our married lives…next Christmas will mark the 30th!  The list has changed over the years… Read more »

Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit Salad

thanksgiving turkey fruit salad

Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit Salad I think one of the reasons I don’t enjoy cooking is because it isn’t the right outlet for my creativity.  I don’t like the idea of planning and prepping and cooking only to have the creation eaten and gone.  It doesn’t do anything for me. When I was asked to bring the fruit salad to Thanksgiving… Read more »

Thanksgiving Party Decorations & It’s Okay To Admit You Read My Blog

thanksgiving party decorations

Thanksgiving Party Decorations This post is really about Thanksgiving party decorations.  But first, let’s get something out of the way. It’s okay to tell  me you read my blog.  Really!  It’s okay! I’m saying this because I kind of chuckle whenever someone “confesses” to me that they read here.  They kind of lean in and whisper to me, as if… Read more »