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If You Were All Members of “”…

I would tell you to   immediately   click HERE   to hear his   PERSONALIZED   birthday message   TO ME!!!!   But since I’m pretty sure you’re not members, you’ll just have to take my word for it.   (He sends me a birthday message every year!)   But it really doesn’t compare to his looking into my… Read more »

Twenty Nine Years Ago Tonight…

…I met Donny for the first time backstage after an Osmond family concert in Valley Forge, PA. How it all came about is such a long story! If you click on each picture they will open larger in a new window and you will be able to read the article that was in our local newspaper in NJ. (There is… Read more »

How the Whole Donny Thing Came About: It’s a Long Post, but Worth Taking the Time to Read!!

thirty years ago today

  When I was about nine years old I developed a huge crush on Donny Osmond. I soon learned that he was a Mormon. As a Catholic living in New Jersey, I didn’t even know other religions existed, so the concept of Mormon meant nothing to me. I soon learned that it meant he didn’t drink or smoke. As the… Read more »

My Dialogue with Donny’s Son

I hope you can follow this: Back in November I was Googling Donny’s name and I somehow stumbled upon the blog of his oldest son (also named Donny but who goes by the name “Don”). I immediately left him a comment on one of his posts. I told him I was the girl who followed him and his dad in… Read more »