Twenty Nine Years Ago Tonight…

…I met Donny for the first time backstage after an Osmond family concert in Valley Forge, PA. How it all came about is such a long story! If you click on each picture they will open larger in a new window and you will be able to read the article that was in our local newspaper in NJ. (There is a part that didn’t scan that explains that I came up with the idea to make an afghan as an excuse to get in to see him.) I was also interviewed on a local radio talk show about the experience. (That’s me on the far left with braces and a uni-brow.)
The thing I remember most about that night was Donny’s asking me “What’s your name?” I was devastated! It NEVER occurred to me that he didn’t know my name.

5 thoughts on “Twenty Nine Years Ago Tonight…

  1. Dragon

    What! He didn’t know your name?! That’s unbelievable! LOL

    (Love what the braces and uni-brow turned into!)

  2. Afreaka

    Wow, I didn’t know you’d met him before. How cool is that! When you saw him in NYC, did you ask him if he still had the afghan? 🙂

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