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Your Questions Answered: Sacred Temple Clothing

I am sharing this new video that was produced by my church so that those of you who have ever wondered and have asked me about my underwear can have a better understanding of the purpose and meaning behind it.  I was pretty shocked when I saw the video for the first time because the topic is something that is… Read more »

And Just Like That, The Bubble Has Burst

photo cred: I explained in my last post (HERE) that Neil and I are now serving as the missionary couple over our church’s local 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program.  It has been an eye-opening experience.  For the record, I will NEVER disclose any of the things that occur during our meetings.  I will, however, share things that I have learned… Read more »

Get Ready for the Holidays: Buy One/Get One Free!!

BUY ONE-GET ONE FREE 2014 HOLIDAY SPECIAL Get an early start on your gift-giving.  This Christmas season, Greeting Cards help you give a gift that keeps on giving!~ No special coupon code required ~ Order a quarterly card package subscription for $59 and receive a one-time card package box for no charge ($24.95 value) No limit Free shipping (USA only) Enter shipping addresses… Read more »

Addiction Recovery Program: How We’ll Be Spending the Next Two Years

About a month ago, just as Neil and I were preparing to move Erica to college, we received a call to meet with our Bishop.  Neil had recently been released from his church responsibility and I felt for a long time that a change was coming for me, too. I had been teaching the 4 & 5 year olds for several years. When… Read more »

Two More Suicides: An Open Letter to My Daughters

 Adrienne’s College Graduation Day from Duke University, Mother’s Day 2014 My girls, I love you so much. As you both know, there were two separate suicides this past weekend involving Duke University students. I cannot begin to understand why this keeps happening. I do not know these kids. Agee, I know you knew one of them and I am very… Read more »