This Happens Every So Often…

Neil and I get into the “we should move” mode.  Here’s how it goes:

I start looking on to see what’s out there.  Then I forward tons of listings to Neil’s email.  He works his magic and comes up with the numbers.  We weigh the pros and cons.  We go and look at a couple of houses.  We come home.  We walk in the door and both say, “There is nothing wrong with our house.  We have a pool, we have accordion hurricane shutters (which are a HUGE luxury, believe it or not) and we have the best neighbors in the world.”

Then we say how much better off we would be if we just stay where we are and make some minor home improvements. 

Then I go to Target and find some really fun things to spruce up our decor, and then we’re happy for about another year.

So, yesterday I received an email from Neil.  Apparently, HE decided to hunt around on  He found an amazing house at an amazing price in an amazing neighborhood with an amazing backyard.  It has a front porch and a front balcony.  It doesn’t have a pool, but it does have accordion hurricane shutters (which are an even bigger luxury on this house because it is a two-story house and has a ton of windows.)  We drove by.  It’s in foreclosure and the front door was unlocked.  We went inside.  It was totally trashed.  It’s only four years old.  I don’t know how a house can get so destroyed in only four years.  Not only is it destroyed because of how the people lived, but it’s also destroyed because they actually busted huge holes in the drywall.  It made me sick to think that people could be so vengeful, when it’s their own fault that they are losing the house in the first place. 

I guess they never heard of kharma.  You know, what goes around comes around.  And once again, Neil and I went around and came back home.  And then I went to Target and found some really cool things.

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