here we go

Adrienne had her first college interview yesterday.  How fitting that while she was at her interview, the rest of us were home tuned in to watch our daily dose of Gilmore Girls.  Is it a coincidence that yesterday’s episode was the one when Rory has her Harvard interview?  You know, the episode when Rory freaks out because she thought she was sooo cool because she was going to write her college essay about Hillary Clinton?  Needless to say, we freaked.  Erica freaked out the most because she said she was thinking about that episode all day in anticipation of Adrienne’s interview.  (That’s how we roll here at Harreveld-ville…we are always pointing out times when life imitates art.)

Next interview….Thursday.

And the hits just keep on coming!

(…quick!  What movie is that line from?)

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