Disney World’s Disability Access Service Card

Disability Access Service Card

A couple of posts back, I mentioned why I hate theme parks.  When Erica told me that for her 21st birthday all she wanted was to ride Splash Mountain for the first time, I panicked!  How could I manage a theme park with my baby girl when waiting in lines is impossible for me?  I thought about using a wheelchair, because that would allow me to save my energy for standing in lines instead of using up all of my gusto walking.  I did a little digging and found out that there are other people who can’t wait in lines either, and it has nothing to do with being an impatient jerk, or believing you’re a princess who shouldn’t have to wait like everyone else.  There are other medical conditions that prevent people from standing in lines, and it’s for those people who Disney’s Disability Access Service Card was created.

disability access service

What Is Disney’s DAS?

Basically, a Disability Access Service Card (DAS) is an unlimited Fast Pass.  Fast Passes have a limit to how many a guest can use in a day and not all attractions offer Fast Passes.  However, think of the DAS as a Fast Pass with unlimited use for all attractions.

Who Qualifies for a DAS?

Anyone with a legitimate disability qualifies for a DAS.  My specific disability is my inability to stand for any period of time because I suffer from orthostatic hypotension.  I would pass out if I had to stand for more than a couple of minutes.  Even though I look fine, I’m not.

How to Obtain a DAS

When you arrive at Disney World, go to City Hall first to obtain your DAS pass.  If you have a Magic Band, they will add the information to your band.  We had day passes, so they added my information to the ticket.  They needed my name and the names of the people in my party.  They are not allowed to ask you your disability.  I went prepared and brought along a note from my doctor, but they didn’t even ask to see it.

How It Works

I walked up to the person at the start of the line for each attraction and told them I had a DAS.  They scanned it and asked how many people in my party would be participating.  Then they told me what time to return. When we returned, we entered the attraction through the Fast Pass lane.  I had to scan my ticket first, which then allowed the people in my party to gain access when they scanned their tickets.  I needed to be present in order for the people in my party to gain access.

My Experience

It was perfect!  With the right planning, it could be 100% perfect.  I’m not a Disney park aficionado, but if you are, or you know someone who is, you can plan out your day so that while you are waiting to return to the attraction at the designated time, you can eat or shop or participate in an a less-popular attraction.  If you know there are attractions that aren’t for you, have the people in your party get Fast Passes for those rides because that way they won’t need you to grant them access.

One Final Important Tip

If you take your car to the park, be sure to pay the extra $15 for preferred parking.  For $35, you get to park at the front of the park and don’t have to deal with walking the far distance and/or dealing with the trolley car to take you to the front.  Also, they give every person in the car an ice-cold bottle of water.  Fantastic

I will definitely go to Disney again, thanks to the Disability Access Services Pass!!

disability access service card

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