Now You Can Try On Makeup With Rimmel’s New “Get The Look” App

Rimmel Get The Look App

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what lipstick or eye shadow I was wearing when I worked as a model, well, you know.  I remember scouring fashion magazines for hours and ripping out pages of the latest haircuts and makeup trends.  It was part of my job to always be on-trend.

That was two decades ago.

It’s difficult for me to keep up with makeup trends now, but thanks to the new Rimmel Get The Look App, my life just got a whole lot easier.  I don’t have to look through magazines anymore or waste money on products that I only use once.  With the Rimmel Get The Look App, not only can I try on makeup on my phone or tablet, but I can also “steal the look” from the looks I like on models in magazines.

rimmel get the look app

Snap a photo of a look you love.

rimmel get the look app

Try on the look with your phone or tablet and buy the recommended Rimmel products directly from the app.

rimmel get the look app

It’s easy to fall into a rut and keep the same hair and makeup style year after year after year. I experienced this when I worked as a model because I had a certain look – fair skin with short dark hair and red lips – and clients booked me and expected me to show up looking like that.  It’s been difficult for me to make changes, even subtle ones.  However, now that I have the Rimmel Get The Look App, I can experiment with different looks before I buy.

I need a change!  Now that I’m older (yuk) I don’t feel comfortable wearing red lipstick every day.  It doesn’t really seem appropriate for grocery shopping.  I’ll be trying the Rimmel Get The Look App to experiment with different shades of blush, lipstick and liner.

My eyebrows need serious help, too. Ugh!  The Rimmel app arrived at the perfect time for me.

Rimmel is giving away a $500 Visa gift card and $100 worth of product when you download the app, steal someone’s look and snap a picture of yourself. Enter to win here:

Oh, and here’s a peek at my modeling look:

rimmel get the look app

Download the free app and let me know what you think!

Thank You, Rimmel and SheKnows for sponsoring this post.



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