MAC Lipstick Lids Beauty Hack

MAC Lipstick Lids Beauty Hack

Friends!  I’ve found the perfect MAC lipstick beauty hack for you!  If you’re an eyeglass-wearer like me, chances are it’s the luck of the draw when you put on your makeup.  I can NEVER see the color of the lipstick I’m grabbing if a swatch of the lipstick color isn’t boldly shown on the tube like this:

MAC lipstick lids

Unfortunately, my favorite lipstick brand, MAC, has the name of the color in tiny letters on the bottom of the tube without any color. (Remember my last post where I told you I’m a visual learner?)  I absolutely cannot read the name!  I tried writing the name of the color on each tube in permanent marker, but guess what?  I couldn’t read that either without my glasses!  Ugh!  Talk about feeling really old!

If you have the same problem with your MAC lipstick, I’ve found the hack for you!  Check out these perfect plastic MAC lipstick tube lids!!  They fit perfectly and even snap in place so they won’t fall off in your purse.

MAC lipstick lids

Now I can see the color in a split-second glance.  It’s life-changing!

You can order packs of 12 or 24.  Go for the 24 pack!!  It’s only $14.98 and if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is FREE!

You can order your MAC lipstick tube lids HERE.

MAC lipstick lids

What’s your favorite lipstick color?  Isn’t is so much easier when you can just look at the tube and know what color it is?!?!


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