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What to Pack for a Summer Road Trip

what to pack summer road trip

What to Pack for a Summer Road Trip – The thought of a road trip used to freak me out.  It’s difficult to enjoy road trips when the starting destination is south Florida, because after you’ve driven all day, you’re still in … Florida.  Ugh. The rest stops and junk food start to get on my nerves after awhile.  That’s… Read more »

Fashion Meets Fifty Friends Facebook Group


Fashion Meets Fifty Friends Facebook Group You guys! I honestly have no idea how people started and grew businesses before social media.  They truly were ingenious.  Social media changes so much these days that it is nearly impossible to grow a following and to keep it before a new app comes along.  I begged and begged for people to follow… Read more »

Pam Neri Necklaces

pam neri necklaces

Pam Neri Necklaces When I planned on going to the blogging conference, I did a shout-out on my Fashion Meets Fifty Instagram page for collaborators.  Collaborations happen all the time between brands and influencers.  Brands and influencers work out their own arrangements; some brands pay influencers to promote their products, and some brands send free items to influencers in exchange… Read more »