Fashion Meets Fifty Friends Facebook Group

Fashion Meets Fifty Friends Facebook Group

You guys! I honestly have no idea how people started and grew businesses before social media.  They truly were ingenious.  Social media changes so much these days that it is nearly impossible to grow a following and to keep it before a new app comes along.  I begged and begged for people to follow my Fashion Meets Fifty Facebook PAGE, and then Facebook changed everything and is basically forcing us to create Facebook GROUPS instead of PAGES.

Recently, Facebook changed its algorithm and decided not to show PAGES any longer.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  I’ve created a new Facebook GROUP, “Fashion Meets Fifty Friends,” which I think we are all going to like much better.

Hop on over to the Fashion Meets Fifty Friends Facebook Group and request to join.  It’s a place where you can ask me AND each other for fashion and beauty advice and a place where you can share your finds, too.  It’s a closed group,  which means anyone can request to join, but only members in the group can see what is posted.

I like that we can now all be a part of a community discussion board!  Sometimes social media changes are a good thing.  For now…

Here is some inspiration for today.  I went out of my comfort zone and paired a navy blouse with a peach skirt.  I like living on the wild side.


My new favorite color is .fuchsia.   Can you tell?!


Also, my hair hasn’t been this long in over twenty years.


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