St. Patrick’s Day Chic

St. Patrick’s Day Chic

I don’t like to wear green!  Yuck! That’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve never really appreciated St. Patrick’s Day, until now.  I found some really cute outfits at H&M that would be perfect to wear on March 17th!

The best part is that two of these are on sale right now from H&M and they are offering FREE SHIPPING this weekend!

I love the sleeves on the blouse!  They are so fun and make such a bold statement.

I wasn’t able to find the link to the green dress, but I found two that are similar.  You might have better luck finding the exact dress in stores.

I’ve mentioned on Instagram how I’ve been so shocked with myself because for some reason I have really been drawn toward printed patterns lately.  What is happening to me??? I’m embracing green and prints. Oh, geeze!



H&M Printed Blouse Now on Sale for $19.99! Click HERE to buy!


H&M Green Dress (Similar) HERE and HERE

H&M Patterned Dress now only $34.99!  Click HERE to shop!

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