What to Pack for a Summer Road Trip

What to Pack for a Summer Road Trip –

The thought of a road trip used to freak me out.  It’s difficult to enjoy road trips when the starting destination is south Florida, because after you’ve driven all day, you’re still in … Florida.  Ugh.

The rest stops and junk food start to get on my nerves after awhile.  That’s why for this year’s trip I’ve compiled a list of really fun, bright, and comfortable things from Kate Spade to keep the mood light and the adventure enjoyable. Take a look at the great things I found!  Guess what?  Many of them are ON SALE!!

I’ve included some great earrings, some luscious perfume, and a LOT of athleisure wear. There are some comfy shoes and flip flops, too.  Don’t forget to take a lunch box along to keep your snacks and drinks cold!  I’ve even got you “covered” in case you get caught in the rain.  🙂 You’ll also want to keep a journal, (I STILL haven’t written down my thoughts from my very first trip to Europe over five years ago) so be sure to do that in style, too.  Why not, right?

Do you have a road trip planned this summer?  What will you be packing?

what to pack summer road trip

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