Nature at Its Finest

An unusual strawberry:

Princess sleeping with her tongue sticking out:

Evidence that there are new baby birds in the nest:

The babies enjoying their fancy new home with the greenery: (how is it that the leaves haven’t turned brown?)

3 thoughts on “Nature at Its Finest

  1. charlene harreveld Post author

    The birds are turtle doves. I have several posts about them if you scroll down to the end of my blog (which is really the beginning!)

    The strawberry is from Publix. I wish I knew how to grow them. I could add that to the things on my farm.

  2. Colorado_Kid

    So cool to have baby birds! I’m so jealous! Adding that FL weather is just plain MEAN! 😉

    Also (read this in a 7 year old sing songy voice), I know where Donny is going to be tomorrow morning! How fast can you get here?!?!


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