Stung Under a Full Moon

Saturday night we went to the Police concert. Wow, is Sting good-looking. I never really paid much attention to him, but …wow!

The concert was outside under a full moon.

The two best parts were
1) Passing the torch to Adrienne. Now it’s her turn to have a crush on a rock star.
2) Holding Erica’s hands on my shoulders all night. She stood on my chair and kept her hands on my shoulders while I stood in front of her. I held her hands because of my ocd that she would fall. (Her little hands that still have the baby-fat dimples on the knuckles :))

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One thought on “Stung Under a Full Moon

  1. Tyan

    Ah, Sting, he is good looking isn’t he! That looks like so much fun for you and your daughter, and you have to explain those awesome Donny Osmond pictures!!


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