Around the Corner I Have a Friend…

Lisa, Lori, Me, Rebecca, and Cruz-man
(Missing are: Leslie, Dawn, Judy, Robin, Heather, Debbie, Donna)
If I forgot your name, don’t hate me! It’s really late!

That was the first poem I ever memorized. Around my corner I have lots of friends…wonderful chicks whom I consider to be like sisters to me. I am talking about my wonderful neighbors. This past Sunday night we all sat around in Joe and Rebecca’s front yard and had a great time chit-chatting like we used to.

I know I have sorely neglected them on my blog. I wish we could turn back time to when all the kids were small and we weren’t all running around to after-school activities. Remember all those afternoons of just sitting there, watching the kids play, and coming up with some of the best conversations ever???

Remember the “shell shop,” the musical productions, Romeo and Juliet in the tree house, Jack falling down and having to get stitches on his chin, Baby Lenny showing us his big boy pants, the swing on Lisa’s tree…oh, my…so many memories!!!!!! (Dancing Queen, the tambourine, the Christmas parties, the Easter egg hunts…) The daily cookies from Donna, the squirrels…and on and on!

I have the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for. When I had surgery a few years ago, we had a meal brought to us every other night for a month. Whenever any of us needs anything, we all know that someone is just a phone call or a knock on the door away.

We are so very blessed to have each other. Yes, we could all use a bigger house, but I wouldn’t trade you guys for the world!!!!

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