…And We’re Off!!!

The last big bang of the summer…a trip to Canada to visit Neil’s family.
Neil was born and raised in Canada but he is Dutch. His parents are from The Netherlands and Neil is fluent in the Dutch language. I am fluent in the language of Dutch swear words (thanks to Neil’s dad!) I also know some other sayings and I know how to sing the song that Santa Clause sings in Dutch, much to Susie’s bewilderment, to the little Dutch girl in “Miracle on 34th Street.”
We are going to Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is flat. It is directly above North Dakota. The sky is HUGE there and it stays light outside until about 11 pm.
They don’t have any Targets there, but I have a big supply of chocolate packed so I should be fine. Oh yeah! One more thing! Have you ever seen the movie Fargo? That is how the people talk! Ya know that, eh?
(Disclaimer: Only watch Fargo when it is on regular cable and edited to PG. Miracle on 34th Street is safe to watch anywhere, anytime.)

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