Vote for Donny!!!

(Note to Donny: Donny, you know I love you with all my heart. However, I have to ask you to please, please, please quit with the Botox injections while you’re ahead. Your forehead is beginning to look a little too fake.)
Here’s the phone number to vote for Donny:
1- 800-868-3405

Okay, do you even need to ask? Yes, I will be watching every second and yes, I will be voting for the first time ever!

When it comes to Donny and his television appearances I really go nuts. If he is on TV and no one calls to tell me, I freak out. “How could you not call and tell me to watch him?????!!!!”
However, if I am watching him on TV and people call to tell me that he is on, I also go nuts. “Don’t bother me!!!!!! Donny is on!!!!!!”

Rest assured that I will be glued.

I have to say that I was faced with a major dilemma…Adrienne’s first band concert (and her first performance as a member of the Dreyfoos Wind Ensemble) was supposed to be last Monday night. However, the concert was rescheduled to this Monday night. Oh no!!!! What to do???? Stay home and watch Donny (I have to see him LIVE…gotta inhale and exhale at the same time!!) ….or go to the concert to see my baby perform?

You’ll be happy to know that I chose the right and I will be Tivo-ing Donny and going to the concert. I didn’t want to burden Adrienne with psychiatry bills for the rest of her life…!

(Okay, I’m not even gonna comment on the pose in the photo above. Just read my mind.)

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