Enough Already!

I made it to the finals in the “So You Think You’re Crafty” competition.  Whoa.  What a very long and amazing ten weeks it has been!

If you still feel like voting, click HERE.  I think by now you can pretty much guess which project is mine!

As for me, I am really confused.  It is crazy how I can go to sleep and I am ahead by almost 100 votes, only to wake up and find that the other competitor has taken over the lead.  It’s exhausting trying to keep up!  I never knew there were so many night-owls in the world!  I guess people go online when their kids are sleeping in the middle of the night.

It has really been a ton of fun making something new each week.  We all knew before we auditioned what the theme would be for each week.  It’s funny how I made a list of everything that I was going to make, but when it came time to make the project for that week, I NEVER made what was on my original list.  Just for fun, when the competition is over, I am going to post what I wanted to make and what I actually ended up making.  I’m also going to post the thought process that went in to each of my decisions.  Not that any of you care!  I just want to do it for my own memory.


(Oh, and BTW, just to satisfy my own curiosity over how the voting could have possibly gotten so crazy, I Googled “is it possible to hack an online poll” and I got the answer in less than one second.)
I think it would be AMAZING if “So You Think You’re Crafty” were a TV show…put ten people in a room with a bunch of stuff, give them a theme, and let them have at it.  If I were on the show I would approach the competition the same way I approached the online version.  It wasn’t about winning the competition every week…it was about not losing.  All that really mattered each week was being able to get more votes than the person who was in last place.  Just stay under the radar.  By doing so, I wouldn’t be eliminated.  My strategy worked, until now!  I saved my best project for last, even though I could have used it in some of the other categories.  I thought it would be most beneficial to make a big splash in the final round, and luckily I made it that far!
I already mentined on Facebook how losing is much better than winning.  I used Jennifer Hudson as my example.  She lost American Idol, but she has been one of the most successful talents from the show.  And did you know that Halle Berry was first runner-up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant?  Do you know who beat her to take home the crown?  Neither do I.  😉

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