Palm Beach Police Ball

I fell in love with this dress from White House/Black Market the second I saw it.  Four weeks later I went into the store and it was marked down 70%.  I had to do some adjusting to cover up (it’s strapless,) so I was thrilled when I found a jacket that matched.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find matching black polyester (hee-hee!)
The big pink bow was originally attached to the back of the dress.  All it took was a couple of snips and I removed the bow and sewed it onto the back of the jacket.
I was all covered-up, nice and warm.
We used the occasion at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate my birthday, and the occasion at The Breakers to celebrate Neil’s birthday.
I have to admit that I’m very happy that the holiday/birthday season is just about over.  We get slammed from October to February.  Whew!  I need a break.
Oh, yeah!  I forgot to tell you!  Here I am with Melania Trump.
***Don’t get your panties in a wad over my last two posts.  Now that these two balls are over, my life is officially back to being pretty normal***It’s like my friend Debbie said:  I never leave the house, but when I finally do, I do it BIG!

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