Sweet Progress Winter Swap Box Reveal!

Sweet Progress Winter Swap Box Reveal!


I participated in the Sweet Winter Galentine’s Box Swap and was paired with Dara from the blog “Not in Jersey.”  I noticed right away that Dara lived in Kansas, but little did I know how much we would have in common!!!  The internet is such a small world.

Dara was kind enough to ask if there was anything specific that I would like in my box.  I replied that I would love, love, love to receive items that were “Kansas,” since I’ve never been to Kansas.  I also let her know that I’m a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan.  I assume that everyone who lives in Kansas is friends with Dorothy – I’m weird like that.

She was excited to tell me that not only was she a huge Wizard of Oz fan, too, but that the name of her blog was an homage to the movie – “Not in Jersey,” get it?  Like “not in Kansas anymore!”  So cute!

We also discovered that we are both from New Jersey and that her parents live in Florida about 25 miles from me.  So it is quite possible that this box swap could turn into a real-life meet-up one day.

I was excited to receive some fun “Kansas” items in my box:


Dorothy!  Dark chocolate!  Sunflowers!  Apple butter!  BBQ sauce!!  All of my favorite things.  It’s like Dara read my mind.

Dara was also thoughtful enough to include items to donate to Cosmetics for a Cause! That was so sweet of her!!!  Cosmetics for a Cause is a non-profit that collects makeup and donates it to women in need.  These fun items will make someone less-fortunate very happy. Thank you, Dara!!!!  And thank you, Ashley and Dean for organizing this fun box swap!!!


P.S.  Naturally, I mailed Dara a box of eWillow.com Greeting Cards.  Coincidentally, though, I mailed her my latest collection of hot-air balloon cards.  There’s no place like home!!  Those Wizard of Oz bonds run deep!! 🙂


One of the cards I mailed to Dara! I didn’t realize the Wizard of Oz reference!!!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Progress Winter Swap Box Reveal!

  1. Dean

    I love how much the two of you have in common!! It is such a small world. The selfish piece of me is excited that Ashley and I had a small piece in this friendship. 🙂 Is that overly selfish of me to say? 😀
    I absolutely adore the Wizard of Oz connection. Such awesome goodies.
    ANNNNND how very kind of Dara to send cosmetics for Cosmetics for a Cause.
    I hope to see you back in the spring.


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