4 Ways to Dress for Fall in a Hot Climate

4 Ways to Dress for Fall in a Hot Climate

One thing I miss about living in New Jersey is the change of seasons. I don’t miss winter, but I certainly miss fall.  I love the crisp air and the fun clothes.  I live in the land of eternal sunshine and hot weather, so fall clothes aren’t a thing.  It’s summer all the time.

Thanks to a new collection sold only at Target by a brand called “A New Day,” I’m able to show you 4 ways to dress for fall in a hot climate.  I love, love, love this new brand, and I’m sure you will, too! The fabrics and colors are gorgeous, and the prices are perfect, too!  Most things are below $40!! I love that they have handbags, shoes, and accessories, too.

So let’s talk about the 4 ways you, too, can dress for fall if you live in a hot climate.\

First, it’s all about the color!

Second, it’s all about the fabrics!

Third, wear open-toed shoes!

Fourth, accessorize with fall colors and lightweight items

dress fall hot climate

Fall Colors, Lightweight Fabrics, and Open-Toed Shoes

Whenever I see burgundy and gray I’m immediately reminded of my childhood in Jersey.  These two colors just scream “FALL” to me!  I love the lightweight long-sleeve crew shirt from “A New Day” paired with the gray, white, and burgundy plaid skirt.  Even though the colors scream “Fall,” the fabrics are lightweight so they make it easy to incorporate fall colors without having to wear heavy sweaters and wool skirts.

The open-toed shoes keep the outfit breezy and cool.  The shoes say fall because of their color and suede fabric, but they don’t make my feet hot because they are open.  Win, win!

click photos below to shop

Click the photo below to shop the shirt (it’s available in 11 colors!):

a new day long sleeve crew

click photo to shop all 11 colors!

Click the photo below to shop the skirt.  Order one size up!

a new day plaid pencil skirt

click photo to shop – order a size up!

Another Choice with Fall Colors and Lightweight Fabrics

I’m so in love with mustard this season, which is why I needed to come up with a solution to wear fall clothes while being surrounded in a sea of Lily Pulitzer.  I don’t want to waste another season of missing out on wearing the trendy and cozy fall colors, textures, and patterns.  Don’t you just love this skirt?

a new day mustard skirt

click photos below to order

Click Photo Below to Order:

a new day foil crepe t shirt

click photo to order

Click Photo Below to Order!  Also comes in navy!

a new day pleated midi skirt

click photo to order – also comes in navy!

Click Photo Below to Order this Fun Ruffle Short Sleeve Blouse:

a new day pleated short sleeve blouse

This Texture Floral Skirt is TO DIE FOR! Click Photo to Order:

a new day floral texture skirt

click photo to shop

Polish it Off with the Perfect Accessories!  Bring Fall Color Into Your Accessories, Too

Fall is a perfect time to start incorporating scarves into you outfits as part of your personal style and not out of necessity to keep warm.  Have fun with them!  “A New Day” has a huge selection of scarves in their new collection that coordinate with all of the clothing pieces.

Let’s not forget “A New Day’s” glorious handbag collection!  The slate, burgundy, and champagne bags are perfect for any fall outfit!  They are lightweight bags with lots of form and style.  Put these together with you fall color choices and you are good to go and rock that fall look even though its 95 degrees outside!  Just make it work!  Click each photo to shop:

a new day large tote

click photo to shop

a new day chain flap crossbody

click photo to shop

a new day jersey loop scarf

click photo to order – so many different choices!

merona work tote handbag

click photo to order

Coming Next:  My Fall Makeup Picks


This is an affiliate post, which means if you click the links in the post and purchase the items, I will receive a small commission, like enough to buy a pack of gum.  This post is meant to inform you of the new brand at Target called “A New Day” and how I incorporated their pieces into my fall wardrobe.  All opinions are mine.




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