I Want to be a Farmer

Why? Because is it just me, or has the cost of groceries skyrocketed ? Maybe it’s because it is “the season” in south Florida, the time of year when all the northerners come down to enjoy our weather.
I noticed the change a couple of weeks ago when I went to Wal-Mart to buy my favorite kind of cranberry juice. I noticed it again when the eggs I buy at Costco because they are so cheap now cost $5.99. I noticed it again today when the bagels I buy are now double the price. None of these increases were gradual; they zoomed up overnight.
So, life as a farmer sounds good to me. I could get our milk from our cow, our eggs from our hen, and any kind of vegetable we wanted.
Or maybe it’s time to break open the 1,000 pounds of wheat in the garage. Do any of you have good wheat recipes for bread that I can make in my bread maker?

2 thoughts on “I Want to be a Farmer

  1. Dragon

    I don’t have a 100% whole wheat recipe that works in a bread maker. I’ll see if I can find the one I use. I’ve been gone most of the winter so I haven’t used it recently.


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