I Don’t Like to Travel, but……..

A lounge chair in the sun by a pool in Hawaii sounds so good right now! I absolutely CANNOT wait for this school year, and all of its transitions, to be OVER! I don’t ever want to endure sixth grade again! Enduring ninth grade again won’t be so bad, because if Erica chooses to audition for Dreyfoos and is fortunate enough to be selected to attend, Adrienne will be there to help her. I have HAD IT with finals: final concerts, final projects, and now final exams.
If I feel burned out, I can only imagine how my kids feel. During the summer when we just lay around and accomplish absolutely nothing all day, I like to look back on these stressful times and remind myself that we deserve to just chill… and watch episode after episode after episode of Gilmore Girls.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like to Travel, but……..

  1. Tyan

    I TOTALLY know the feeling! Even though I don’t have kids yet there is still a sense of calm and relaxation about summertime, I crave it!

    Let’s just buy tickets and meet in Hawaii!


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