I’m Not in the Mood to Multi-Task Tonight…

Moments like these, where I just sit and do one thing, come along once every nine months or so. I will just lie around and get caught up on all of my magazine reading, or actually just watch a movie with my hands completely still.

Tonight is one of those nights, so I will get you (whoever “you” are!) caught up on a few things that have been going on.

1) Okay, I had a whole list of things to talk about, and now my mind just went blank!

2) Oh, yeah…I’m almost finished with the family reunion invitations. My mom came over to help me yesterday. It was payback time for me…she wasn’t putting enough glue on them, so I made her redo them, just like she used to make me wash a dish again when I was young if I didn’t get it clean enough the first time. 🙂

3) The 400 cards I had to make were a hit! I made 40 packs of 8 cards and envelopes. Here is a little glimpse:

4) Neil, my mom, and I went to Erica’s school today to watch her put on a puppet show in her humanities class about gypsies. She presented a trial and the class had to vote guilty or not guilty. Here is a glimpse:

5) I have several more projects lined up. My inspiration for my next one came from Erica’s puppets. Once the family reunion invitations are done, I am going to make a stick figure person (they are sooo easy!) for each family member who will be at the reunion. (About 100) I am then going to somehow display them. I don’t know how yet, but the idea will come to me, probably in a dream like all my other ideas!

6) I’m worried because I haven’t seen the birds in awhile. I’m afraid that all of the smoke from the fires in the Glades have sent them into hiding. I have to remember, though, that they endured three major hurricanes and still came back. They didn’t even have a nest to come back to. They re-built one.

7) Okay, now for something really random…I was stuck in traffic last week on I-95 (where else?) but I really didn’t mind because I was stuck next to one of these:

So I just spent the time dreaming about what was inside…

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