Math Lessons

Thanks to Neil’s reward points, Santa brought both girls $100 gift cards to Saks Fifth Avenue. We had a fun time this morning looking through their sale racks….the fact that the markdowns were an extra 60% off made our adventure even more exciting.

If I had a working camera, I would show you what they scored. Suffice it to say, Adrienne figured out that if she had paid full price for the two pairs of jeans she bought (one of them being a pair of “Seven” jeans) the total would have been $360.00. Her total? $87.00. She was excited to have money left over to buy this really cool Clinique mascara she discovered.

Erica’s grand total of full-priced merchandise would have been $550.00. She bought five shirts (including two Juicy Couture shirts that alone originally cost over $200) for $110.00.

It’s great to use those gift cards! It’s even better when the gift cards are free from reward points!

Hope your Christmas was merry!!!

(P.S. You know the economy is bad when Saks has 60% off the clearance price for an entire DAY. Their after-Christmas sale usually expires at noon.)

On another note, we ran into the girls’ elementary school principal in Saks. I run into her more at the mall than I did when I substituted at the school on a regular basis! It is always fun to run into her…she is a classy lady and it really would have been a compliment to work for her as a full-time teacher…but that is a post for another day! (Or you can re-read it under “Example 2” HERE.)

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4 thoughts on “Math Lessons

  1. Meghan

    RATS!! I should have gone there. We were at the mall for a while, but didn’t find what we were looking for. Mostly stuff for JOn. I wish I had had the time and energy and money to shop for myself. We must go shopping together sometime soon. Congrats to the girls for being super shoppers. A parenting job well done.

  2. charlene harreveld Post author

    Too bad! You could have eaten lunch with us at Chic-fil-A. We shared a chocolate shake with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I’m glad my girls appreciate a good sale. I don’t think I have to worry too much about their going into adulthood-debt. I must say I have taught them well!!


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