Bloomingdales Fashion Show for Melanoma Foundation: Returning to the Catwalk

I will be coming out of my self-induced twenty one years of retirement next Saturday to participate in a fashion show at Bloomingdales for the Richard David Kahn Melanoma Foundation.

How?  Erica’s friend volunteers for the organization and asked if I would do it.  I’m glad I said yes because my girls have never seen me model before, except in the living room.  However, I am even more happy that it is a one-time thing.  I have been having a recurring dream as of late that I return to modeling and show up for a show completely unprepared.  I wake up in a total panic, so thankful that it was just a dream.

When the gal called me from Bloomies to book my fitting, she asked me what I like to wear.  I made sure to tell her to keep me covered!  I need to hide my flabby arms and legs.  Being able to dictate what I will wear and/or what I won’t wear is such a luxury, and certainly not a choice I ever had when I was modeling back in the day.  The unspoken rule was to wear whatever you were given, and to love and rave about whatever it was you wore. 

I also remember observing the older models when I was working in my twenties, and promising myself that I would never, ever model when I was older.  Reality check:  I am now one of those older  models, flab and all.  I think it will be fun to have one last hurrah, though, and I’m happy that Erica can come to the fitting with me and watch me in action at the show.  I only wish that Adrienne were here to watch, too, but thank goodness for phone video, right?

If you want to support a great cause, visit Bloomingdales PGA on Saturday, March 22nd at 2pm.  A portion of all of the sales that day will be donated by Bloomingdales to the melanoma foundation.

Boy am I happy I got that Botox and filler.  🙂

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