3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem In 5 Minutes

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Did you know you’re an angel?  We all are!  But sometimes – most of the time – we forget that we all have a uniquely divine purpose.  It happens to me all the time. Whenever I begin to wonder what my purpose on this earth really is, like when I begin to wonder what I’m actually contributing to the world, I take five minutes to do these three easy things to help me feel better.  Here are some ideas you can try, too, to boost your self-esteem.

boost your self esteem


Provide Some Type of Service 

This is number one for a reason.  The best way to feel better about yourself and to stop focusing on negative things about yourself is to help someone else.  This has been tricky for me because whenever I hear the word “service” I have a panic attack.  I immediately think it means I have to perform some type of physical labor like helping someone move.  But service does not have to be a grandiose gesture.  A simple smile to someone or simply asking someone about how they are can change someone’s life.

Write Down Five Blessings

This is much easier than you think!  Get out a piece of paper, grab a pen, and start your list.  Can you see?  Hear?  Speak?  Breathe?  Today I thought about how blessed I am that I can use my hands with ease.  It means that I’m able to make cards, pet my cats, and eat the yummy cheeseburger and fries we had for Neil’s birthday dinner.

Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene

Put on some lipstick, brush your hair, take a shower, breathe deeply, paint your nails, put on some perfume, do some jumping jacks, or iron your outfit.  When you feel beautiful on the outside, it’s much easier to feel better about yourself.

Because of my low blood pressure, exercise isn’t something that is part of my daily routine.  When I look in the mirror and I see my arm cellulite, I could easily beat myself up and feel like a failure.  However, I’m thankful for shirts like the one I’m wearing from Banana Republic, that have sleeves that are long enough to cover the flab!

How do you boost your self-esteem when you’re feeling blue?

boost your self esteem

(shirt & jeans:  mine, both from Banana Republic, a store with which I have an affiliate relationship.)

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