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The Passing of Time is a Beautiful Gift

I don’t want my baby girl to ever know that after I said goodbye to her and I watched as she walked along the ivy-covered gates back to her dorm room, I cried uncontrollably. Even though I had already decided to stay in the city for nine days so that I could make sure she was settled, I don’t want… Read more »

Cul de Sac Feminism and the Third Wave: A Guest Post

Today’s post, “Cul de Sac Feminism and the Third Wave,” is brought to you by my daughter, Adrienne.  She is a columnist for The Chronicle at Duke University.  She writes about an experience she had in our neighborhood last week when she was home for spring break and how it made her realize there is a missing link in feminism… Read more »

Oh, Did My Baby Just Move Away to College? I forgot.

I learned what it means to weep as soon as Neil and Erica picked me up at the airport when I returned home from dropping Adrienne off at college. I knew immediately that something was wrong.  His face was beet red and his chin was really swollen.  He said he wasn’t feeling too great, but we all know how men… Read more »